Title II Net Neutrality and VoIP

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I tend to agree with this article regarding the recent FCC ruling. It’s a double edged sword of sorts because we want an even playing field when it comes to our Internet connectivity, but it threatens services like VoIP in terms of innovation and market disruption which I happen to think is a great thing ultimately.


Evaluating your hosted provider

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All hosted VoIP providers are not the same. Far from it. The old saying, “you get what you pay for” is the best descriptor when evaluating your hosted VoIP provider. They all use SIP and the Internet for their backbone, but there is so much more to it. Considerable hardware investment and knowledge is put in to building a superior hosted VoIP platform. You’ll pay for it, but your savings will still be substantial compared to your expense with a tradiotnal voice provider. A great reference doc I came across is one from Mark Crane, the architect of Fusion PBX.201503_Choosing_A_Provider (1)

Mobility for the non technical

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I really love Network World (www.networkworld.com), they’ve got great information for every part of the techie-non techie spectrum. Here’s a great article for the non-tech readers that gives a few really good examples of mobility integration in the voice world.


WebRTC and VoIP

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I read an article recnetly that says, WebRTC (real time communication) is the new kid at ‘VoIP High’. This is no joke and something that we at Fountainhead Networks are very interested in getting in front of and participating in. Security of course is a big concern with considering this type of implementation in an enterprise environment. Driving voice communications into the unified communications platform has been around for a while, but we’ve not seen a challenge to traditional telecom ever on this kind of scale. Do yourself a favor and check out http//:www.webrtc.org

NIST VoIP Security White Paper

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Very great piece of reference material albeit dated re. VoIP security considerations: