Mac Support

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I typically don’t mention specific vendors too often, but I have to mention one: the Mac Garage ( We are big advocates of open source and really any organization that nurtures an open source kind of mentality. The Mac Garage does that. We’ve got some Mac gear that the Garage has worked on and we’ve referred some clients who need Mac support to the Mac Garage, and these guys have done a really professional job in a very laid back, open way. Competency is a must, but demeanor is subjective and the Mac Garage is geared toward an old school approach (think an old school car garage that your parents or grand parents would always take their car to for service work) to treating their customers with a level of familiarity that you don’t get at an Apple Store.

If you live and work in around Denver, CO and you need support for anything Mac/Apple, give the Mac Garage a shot at your business.

Smartphones and Tablets: Desk Phone Killers?

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I recently participated in an interview ( with the same title as this post. While a bit early to ask the question, I don’t think there is much doubt that within the next 5-10 years the traditional desk phone will no longer be part of the corporate phone system equation. Consider the superior intelligence of a smartphone and the fact that with proper configuration it can now be made part of a business’ phone system; or consider the streamlined usability of a desktop softphone like Zoipper ( or Counterpath’s ( Bria series, and it’s not hard to imagine a desk without a traditional telephone anymore. The real tipping point to adoption will be the user. Once an employee is comfortable enough with the re-orientation of how calls are originated and terminate the transition will be swift.