Fountainhead Customer Support – Empowering Our Customers

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Fountainhead Customer Support – Empowering Our Customers

One of the most frustrating experiences a business can have is making the decision to purchase a phone system that they plan on using for years only to experience a level of support after the sale that’s not acceptable. The sales presentation is excellent, the winning vendor demonstrates the capability of their system without a hiccup, and promises are made about the stellar customer service that the new found customer will experience once the system is installed. During the sales process it’s critical to find out how your vendor supports their product once the installation is complete.

For Fountainhead, our work really starts when our PBX is installed. We strive for customer service excellence with every client. The first goal we set out to achieve was to ensure that all appropriate Fountainhead support staff would be alerted when a customer reported an issue with their system. By investing in our own customer support portal (we use, our customers create their own trouble tickets and get immediate access to our technical support personnel. Here’s how it works:

  • After setting up their account, each client can log in, create a unique support ticket, and get updated status on their ticket as soon as the update is available.
  • Our clients can also log in to the portal and view history on any ticket they’ve opened. Once the ticket is received, a support representative will be respond with questions to clarify the issue, get as much additional relevant information, and begin the trouble resolution.
  • Because we’ve already set up remote access to our client’s servers, we log in to the system and take corrective action. This streamlined approach helps reduce the time to resolve an issue to a minimum.


Like any business today, the staff at Fountainhead is very mobile and our ability to support our clients remotely is critical to our success. With remote access to the PBX already in place along with our support portal, our ability to respond and support our clients remotely is our key.

To be rolled out in the 2nd-3rd quarter of 2012 is our highly available centralized monitoring cluster used for monitoring multiple remote Asterisk installations which will allow us to measure the overall health of our clients’ servers and provide notification of service affecting issues. We’ll post more as we get closer to launch.