Building the Right Asterisk server

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I came across a pretty useful blog from our friends at Digium ( that has some good basics about considerations when sizing a server to run Asterisk. Check it out: There are other considerations of course, especially when you want to integrate with other apps or databases, but this is a good starter. We’ve actually developed our own server built just for Asterisk; one that we know will work and that we can warranty. This takes a lot of the guess work out of the build process for our clients, but we’re always willing to work with client existing hardware. We’ll take a look at it, tell you what you’ve got and if it’s going to support your particular need. Check out the services and support tab on our website for more info.



Fountainhead Introduces Alternate Channel Sales

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There is no doubt that alternate channel sales (also known as indirect sales) is a win-win relationship if the fit is right.For us, networking with with IT support companies is an ideal fit.


For IT support companies in the 21st century, knowing and understanding VoIP services is critical to success. In addition to traditional IT products and services, businesses who outsource their IT services expect their IT vendor to provide solutions for their voice needs as well. Easier said than done.

As a service, telephone calls are very sensitive and programming a VoIP system can be complicated and nuanced. We allow our partners to leverage our years of expertise in the VoIP industry so they can deliver a well supported VoIP solution without the significant investment.

Through our channel partner program, an IT support company can easily dovetail our voice solutions into their core portfolio of services.

Key Benefits

  • A fully featured non-branded (optional) voice solution. Using Asterisk as its base, Fountainhead now manufactures and supports a very advanced IP PBX that can be branded by IT support firms that need to address the voice needs of their clients.
  • Available tier I, II, and III support branded under channel partner banner
    • Dedicated DID (dedicated phone number) into Fountainhead support that is answered using IT company’s name and information
    • Trouble reporting software used by Fountainhead to resolve client voice system issues, but performed under IT support firm banner and/or possibly integrated into IT support firm’s own trouble ticketing system
    • Preferred partner pricing for exceptional profit margin at point of sale
    • Preferred partner pricing for ongoing support agreements generating more margin for the partner

There are 2 types of partner opportunities:

Partner Referral

  • Partner brings Fountainhead into an opportunity as a strategic partner
  • Fountainhead will propose a solution at our standard retail cost and a referral fee will be paid to the partner once installation is complete and all terms have been satisfied between Fountainhead and the end user client
  • Ongoing support will be provided directly from Fountainhead

Partner Resell

  • Partner engages Fountainhead as a support partner
  • Partner purchases solution from Fountainhead at reseller pricing
  • Partner brands VoIP solution, determines final price to their client and retains 100% margin
  • Partner can either provide end user support directly or use dedicated resources at Fountainhead. All support correspondence would be branded as well.

If you’re an IT support group who recognizes the need for a reliable voice support partner we would love to talk further about ways we can enhance your value proposition and in turn further reinforce the relationship with your customers.