The Fountainhead VoiceRack

What makes Asterisk so great is its enterprise class feature set a great price. A common misconception with Asterisk however, is that it can be downloaded with ease to any computer. As anyone who’s installed Asterisk before will tell you, Asterisk is not a plug and play application, especially when additional components like line cards or analog adapters are added. System compatibility can be a tricky proposition. Is the motherboard compatible with the current version of Asterisk? Does the network interface card work with the PRIoE card? Is the latest version of a line card compatible with the latest version of Asterisk? The list goes on and on and the potential for an unsuccessful installation becomes greater and greater. This makes for a frustrating experience that often wastes time and money as a solution is sought and sometimes never found.

Fountainhead has taken the worry out of the system compatibility issues by designing, building, and supporting an affordable server with Asterisk loaded and running. The VoiceRack is a server that’s assembled and certified in Colorado by engineers who understand how critical specification and software changes are; and have the expertise and resource to address those changes so our clients don’t have to. The VoiceRack is designed to support businesses who demand performance out of their PBX. For those clients who require additional level of redundancy, the VoiceRack can be upgraded to provide hardware RAID, dual hot swappable power supplies, and can be configured in tandem as a High Availability (HA) cluster. The VoiceRack comes with standard warranty on all parts and labor and additional warranty and support options are available through our Assured Service Program.