Today, a telephone conversation is no different than an email in the world of networking. Both are streams of data that are sent from one user to another. This confluence has completely revolutionized the way businesses communicate: communication is immediate, multi-media, and it’s mobile. This confluence has also made systems that once were separate to be comingled. One change to part of your network can have ‘unintended effects’ on other parts of your network and the results can be catastrophic.

Because we recognize and appreciate network complexity, Fountainhead Networks takes a project management approach when working with our clients. We have staff whose expertise is both diverse and similar, but specifically suited to managing projects involving a business’ communication infrastructure. From designing and implementing a feature rich PBX, to integrating it with client databases, to structured cabling, to vetting service provider offerings, Fountainhead has a deep understanding of how the different parts of a client network relate and consequently how to plan projects without the unintended effects.

At Fountainhead, we manage the source and flow of our clients’ communications.