Problem: A hotel in Golden CO, Table Mountian Inn ( used a legacy phone system (PBX) with a legacy Property Management Software (PMS) for their staff and guest phone calling, reservations, and guest services. When the phone system began to fail the hotel was faced with very few choices for replacement. Essentially, the legacy PMS would only work with a few legacy PBX’s. The PMS platform was so old (and proprietary) that its software was only compatible with very few legacy PBX’s.  Not only would the hotel be forced to purchase another legacy PBX and replace all telephone sets, but they would be doing so at a premium price. They needed a highly functional, easily integrated phone system that was reasonably priced.

Solution: Fountainhead was able to replace Table Mountain Inn’s dying phone system with an Asterisk solution that would integrate with the existing guest phones and upgrade the staff telephones with newer, more functional telephones. Once the installation was complete, we replaced the existing PMS software with a custom written solution that gave the hotel staff a new Graphic User Interface (GUI), new features, a more efficient workflow, while keeping the solution much more cost effective for the hotel.

Automotive Dealership

Problem:Freeway Ford (, a three location car dealership in Denver (each location had roughly 35 employees at each site) was looking for ways to reduce their monthly telecom expense and at the same time replace a failing legacy PBX. The matter was made more urgent because one of the 3 PBX’s was beginning to fail. Further, each location had a different type of PBX and therefore the dealership would not be able to integrate their voice network without replacing all of the PBX’s with a single manufacturer platform.

Solution: Fountainhead installed a single Asterisk PBX at the main site and (1) PRI T1 at the main site.  The two satellite locations cancelled their voice service, decommissioned all their PBXs, and ported all of their telephone numbers to the main location.  The dealership then leveraged their existing data network between the locations, put IP phones at the two remote locations, and networked all three locations thus allowing them to share the voice T1 and phone system at the main location.  Fountainhead was also able to integrate the dealership’s legacy overhead paging with the Asterisk PBX using SIP adapters. The dealership can now page all sites from one location if needed. We also added Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones (DECT) systems at each location with full coverage indoors and outdoors thanks to our SIP DECT Access Points.  The dealership now only has (1) voice T1 and (1) phone system for all three locations and as a result, the dealership has significantly reduced their monthly telecom cost and increased their overall efficiency in managing their voice network.


Problem: Schryver Medcacal ( medical support services facility that was managing significant growth needed to upgrade and integrate their PBX and add a call center to accommodate the new growth.  They were paying a significant amount of money per month for a maintenance agreement on an aging phone system that could neither be integrated with their data network nor did it have the ability to provide true call center functionality.

Solution: A scope of work was written to install an Asterisk high availability (HA) cluster  for over 200 users and adding a 75 person call center with its own HA cluster.  The project was fairly complex and required a project management approach to coordinate many moving parts ranging from LAN design, an enterprise PBX and call center design and build, security compliance, and evaluation of carrier capacity.  Not only was our system offering our client the latest in IP/SIP technology, we were also able to deliver a highly functional and effective call center while at the same time meeting their budgetary needs.


Problem: Like most non-profits, St. Francis Center of Denver ( didn’t have a big budget for a new phones system, but needed to replace their legacy PBX which was near end of life.  The facility had (8) faxes and (12) analog phones spread out through the facility which spanned over two buildings.

Solution: We were able to give them a new IP PBX and also were able to integrate all of their existing analog phones and faxes into the new Asterisk system.  They are now able to administer moves, adds, and changes (MACS) to their system without having to call Fountainhead each time, thus reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Multi Site

Problem: A Fountainhead customer, Urban Peak ( has over 100 employees people spread over multiple locations.  They evaluated several different solutions from Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, and Shoretel.

Solution: Fountainhead won the bid with our Asterisk solution because we were able to not only demonstrate the ease in which our solution allowed the sites to be networked, but we were also able to add in redundancy for each location and stay within their budget.  The customer loved our solution for the functionality, the redundancy, and the price. Our ongoing service agreement was so competitive that the decision was even simpler to make.

Project Management

Problem: An architecture firm was changing locations and during this change they decided to upgrade to a new phone system and evaluate switching service providers, and they needed structure cabling for a very unique building.

Solution: At our initial implementation meeting the first step was look at the voice and data cabling requirements.  After touring the new site we starting building our cable plan whereby we determined our cable path.  The building was industrial with no dropped ceilings, so we had to get creative on the best way to run all of the cable over two stories for 100 employees. Second, we negotiated with the carrier new voice and data services. We also had to coordinate with the carrier a new point of demarcation at the client site, and verify/turn up of the circuit.  Our PBX team then worked with the customer through a series of coordination meetings to program the PBX exactly to their specifications. Throughout the project we were able to give our customer a single point of contact for voice and data services, voice and data cabling and phone system. Providing a single point of contact for a project of this type minimizes miscommunication and streamlines work flow, which in turn yields a very positive customer experience.


Problem: Fountainhead was recently referred to a Physician’s Billing ( a physician bill analysis companywho through a prior vendor, had installed an Asterisk based system.  Unfortunately, the vendor who installed Asterisk didn’t have the expertise to maintain it, and the client was left with a system that badly needed maintenance. Further, they needed a vendor to maintain the system going forward as the Physician’s Billing planned to move locations.

Solution: We were able gain remote access to their system, identify and solve the problems they had, and provide them a solid solution for the future.  We loaded a current version of Asterisk onto an existing server that Physician’s Billing had and  moved it to their new facility. We are now providing them ongoing maintenance with our Assured Service Program.

Leaving Hosted

Problem: One of our clients,Meeting One (,  is a premier audio and web-conferencing service provider,and they were contracted with a hosted VoIP  provider for their phone system.  After having the hosted system up for less than two months the client started to experience dropped calls, delay, jitter and static on their lines.  As with any business, but especially a teleconferencing business, poor call quality and dropped calls could not be tolerated.

Solution: The first thing that we explained to them (and to their great relief), is that our Asterisk solution would allow them to reuse the IP phones that they purchased for their hosted solution.  We installed our IP PBX and their jitter and dropped calls disappeared.  We gave them a solution that gave them traditional voice quality and allowed them to re-use their existing phones, thus protecting their investment.



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